Displaced Doubles

The double stroke roll is one of those rudiments that take a day to learn, a lifetime to master. It's also a rudiment that is easy to play poorly without realizing it. Many drummers unknowingly accent the first stroke on each hand when playing a basic double stroke roll -- something that this lesson will aim to remedy. As usual, we'll find a drumset application or two as well.

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Swiss Fours

Ever since my high school drum teacher showed me how to bounce swiss triplets, I've found myriad uses for that handy little rudiment, especially on drum set. In this lesson, I'll show you a number of drum fills that use swiss triplets along with a variation of the swiss triplet that I call a “swiss four” or “swiss fourlet”. In case you're not familiar with the swiss triplet, it's a non-alternating sticking for the more common “flam accent” rudiment.

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