Atwater Junction
Letters From Home

An acoustic indie album with melodic lines and beautiful lyrical imagery. This debut EP-length recording features five original songs.

Paul Woell
Somewhere Better Than This

It was my pleasure to add percussion to three tracks (labeled My Descent) on Paul Woell's 2011 offering. Most of the album is jazz guitar trio format with J.T. Bates on drums and Matt Stevens on bass. Sporting 25 short-ish tracks, the album is a beautiful collection of vignettes, ranging from contemplative to frenetic, peaceful to disturbing.

The Robert Everest Expedition
Live At The Dakota

In this live performance video Robert and his vibrant world ensemble treat you to some of the most treasured music from around the world. Watch and listen closely as the deftly cover tasty tunes from Italy, Face, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Venezuela, West Africa, and the U.S. in creatively delicious arrangements, along with original compositions in many international musical styles.

Personnel include Robert Everest (guitars), Pete Whitman (reeds), Gus Lindquist (brass), Michael Bissonnette (percussion), Andy Artz (drums), Dan Arlig (basses), Mary Louise Knutson (piano) and special guest Anna Vasquez (cello).

Chill 7
Buzz's Fat Tire

For Buzz's Fat Tire, Chill 7 engaged the recording, mixing and mastering talents of Matthew Zimmerman at Wild Sound Studio. The 12 original tracks go from introspective to aggressive, always with a funked-out blend of styles.

“...Chill 7 are releasing a properly bold groove fest with Buzz's Fat Tire. In the dozen original tracks they blur the lines between jazz, jam band, and psychedelic rock with soulful sax, trippy wah-wah pedal guitar licks, slap-happy bass runs, and big, big drums.” -- Mpls/St. Paul Magazine

“...This young band might be one of the best kept secrets and unjustifiably overlooked combos on the scene. ...They swing, they jam, they rock their way through live sets with abandon.” -- Kevin O'Connor, Music Director KBEM 88.5 FM

Chill 7
Probable Cause: Live at The French Press Jazz Cafe

This live album debuts 6 new songs (Funk In The Forrest, The Bluebelt, Brins Mesa, Kari's Crystal Fish, and Breakfast w/Cheese) among its eleven tracks. "Rare jazz that makes you lean back in your chair and accidentally swear... [Chill 7] is grounded in jazz both new and old -- cool bop stuff wih rock energy. Understated but with obvious discipline." -- Mankato Free Press

Chill 7
Serving Time: Live at The Wine Cafe

This live album debuts 3 new songs (Why Did I Work So Hard?, Groove For Kingman, and Bottom Feeder) among its eleven tracks. "Cheery and insouciant... In the continuing search for the ultimate jam... R&B-influenced Chill 7 should be considered a worthy pilgrim." -- Jazz Now

The Robert Everest Expedition
The Robert Everest Expedition

[This album] follows abandoned paths and wanders among the locals. It longs for home and the heart, departing again upon an urbane bassline for Rio De Janeiro, Zurich, or forbidden Havana at three, four, five, or six beats per measure. Everest's compositions have a casual but sophisticated ease that Michael Franks, or even Pat Metheny on a good hair day, might envy. Fusion as a pop genre has been liberated from its 70's excesses. ...[A]t Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport ...Everest's songs emerge from baggage claim with the pain of creation intact. -- Patrick Whalen

Chill 7
Live At The Dakota

Guitarist Dean Magraw and pianist Larry McDonough feature as guest artists on this live recording of Chill 7's first gig at the Dakota, shortly before the club moved to Minneapolis.

Red Star Mission

This debut CD by Pittsburgh-based fusion band Red Star Mission is mostly a collection of tracks recorded and broadcast live from WRCT radio. Funded by an Eric & Kathleen Johnson SURG grant through Carnegie Mellon University, this album documents the culmination of four years of music exploration, extrapolation, and (occasionally) explosion.